Prof. Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn about the Combination of Biology and Technology

17. Oktober 2017
Will biology change computational methods? Nobel Prize-winning molecular biologist Elizabeth Blackburn believes it will, because the way the brain works is more and more understood and aspects like facial and visual recognition could be inspirationa…

Steven Hill on online labour platforms

22. September 2017
Online labour platforms change the way people compete for jobs. All of a sudden, you have to compete with people from all around the world, explains Steven Hill, independent journalist and author of "Die Start-up Illusion". Someone on the Phillipines m…

Martin Wezowski about the way we shape the future with design

15. September 2017
What role does everyday design play for the far away future? Wezowski states that making design choices today shapes what the world will be like tomorrow. If a product is valuable for the customer it becomes the future. It needs purpose to be succes…

Bernard Roth on the development of the Stanford

15. September 2017
The Stanford spreads and teaches Design Thinking at Stanford University for 12 years now, how did it do during the years? At the second d.confestival at the HPI Potsdam, Bernard Roth shares his thoughts on the development of the d.…

Sam Yen about Design Thinking at SAP

14. September 2017
How can innovation and creativity be scalable in large companies? It takes a lot of time and effort, says Yen. Putting the customer in the center is a starting point but it needs a lot more to scale innovation. At SAP design thinking helps to ens…

Uwe Raschke about Design Thinking and its Implementation at Bosch

14. September 2017
The value of work and the workplace have changed throughout the generations. Whilst generation Babyboomer still desired money and power, different things are important for following generations, like flexibility, internationality and even some fun, say…

Prof. Ulrich Weinberg über das d.confestival und zehn Jahre Design Thinking

14. September 2017
Design Thinking ist in den letzten zehn Jahren aus dem Baby-Stadium ins Erwachsenenalter gekommen, sagt Ulrich Weinberg zum Auftakt des d.confestivals in Potsdam. Viel hat sich verändert seit den Anfängen der "". Nicht nur die Methoden und Te…

Dr. Burton H. Lee about the Differences in IT-Education

11. September 2017
What is the difference between studying "Informatik" in Europe and "Computer Science" in the United States? In his talk at HPI, Stanford Professor Dr. Burton H. Lee explains that in Europe and Germany in particular, theory and the application of theor…

Dr. Toby Walsh about AI & Society

13. Juli 2017
As artificial intelligence (AI) is currently being tested on society, which steps do and should tech companies take in the decision-making process over the benefit of the development of a new AI product? According to Toby Walsh, professor of AI at t…

Eindrücke vom IT-Gipfelblog auf dem ersten Digital-Gipfel 2017

20. Juni 2017
Bilder von der Arbeit des IT-Gipfelblogs auf dem ersten Digital-Gipfel 2017 in Ludwigshafen.   Rechte an den Bildern: HPI Fotoklub – Emanuel Metzenthin, IT-Gipfelblog

Interviews vom ersten Digital-Gipfel 2017 in Ludwigshafen

20. Juni 2017
Hier finden Sie eine Übersicht der Interviews, die der IT-Gipfelblog auf dem ersten Digital-Gipfel 2017 in Ludwigshafen geführt hat. Einige Interviews sind zur Zeit noch in Arbeit, wir werden diese Liste bald […]

Prof. Peter Dabrock über ethische Dilemmata der Automatisierung

20. Juni 2017
Professor Peter Dabrock, Vorsitzender des Deutschen Ethikrates, kommentiert im Interview die ethischen Dilemmata der Automatisierung. Dabei sieht er die Angst vor der technologischen Entwicklung als ein natürliches Phänomen der Geschichte, und nich…