Uwe Raschke about Design Thinking and its Implementation at Bosch

14. September 2017
Name: Uwe Raschke
Position: Member of the Board of Management, Robert Bosch
Thema: Design Thinking and its Implementation at Bosch

The value of work and the workplace have changed throughout the generations. Whilst generation Babyboomer still desired money and power, different things are important for following generations, like flexibility, internationality and even some fun, says Raschke. They desire a greater prupose in what they do.

This can be achieved when larger companies make their big units smaller, make teams more diverse and incorporate other aspects of design thinking.

Bosch really benefited by putting human value in the center of their innovation and employing design thinking methods. It underlines that only thinking about the technology is not enough when the user is not conisdered in the process.