Marian Pufahl (Synfioo) about 360° Transportation Monitoring

6. Januar 2017
Name: Marian Pufahl
Position: Customer Relations Synfioo GmbH
Thema: 360° Transportation Monitoring with Synfioo

From big logistic companies to small businesses, all have the same question: When will my freight arrive?

Synfioo offers its customers a platform for predicting and supervising the entire transport.
Whether there are disturbances like traffic jams, custom inspections or problems caused by the weather situation, Synfioo informs about incidences and delays during transport.

To offer this service, many data sources are used, as Marian Pufahl (Customer Relations Synfioo GmbH) explains. The startup uses sources like publicly available open data, infrastructure information e.g. on channels like the Eurotunnel, or connections to operators of ferries, to analyze and predict the transportation for each individual mission.

For over half a year, Synfioo tested its capabilities and technologies with a pilot customer and now enters the broad market, to help more businesses optimize their transport processes with 360° transportation monitoring.

Marian Pufahl outlines some business problems, too. For example, long sales cycles trouble young startups like Synfioo. But with the help of SAP and their supply-chain management solutions, Synfioo plans on expanding their platform and optimizing their product.

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