Bernard Roth on the development of the Stanford

15. September 2017
Name: Bernard Roth
Position: Founding Faculty & Academic Director at the Stanford
Thema: The development of the Stanford

The Stanford spreads and teaches Design Thinking at Stanford University for 12 years now, how did it do during the years?

At the second d.confestival at the HPI Potsdam, Bernard Roth shares his thoughts on the development of the and its teaching.
He explains that the relationship with the other faculties “worked out much better than I thought it should have”.

While there are some things Roth would change in retrospect, like the separation of staff and students, he is sure that the teaching has evolved a lot and offers a high quality.
To keep this level of quality, the classes will be kept smaller than in normal lectures with hundreds of students. “Numbers are meaningless as far as we are concerned.”, states Roth.