Barbara Brauner (Toposens) on 3D ultrasonic Sensors

7. Januar 2017
Name: Barbara Brauner
Position: Head of Business Development at Toposens
Thema: Toposens' 3D ultrasonic sensorsystem

Can a toy fish lead to new sensor technology? Totally!

Toposens was founded because a new sensorsystem was needed, when the Founder wanted to let a robot toy fish move autonomously in electro magnetic fields, as Barbara Brauner of Toposens told us.
What followed, where three years of crafting algorithms and two years of developing the ultrasonic sensorsystem.

Toposens is the startup with the first 3D ultrasonic sensorsystem on the market.
“Basically what we do is: We imitate the brain of a bat.”, explains Barbara Brauner.
With Toposens’ sensorssystem, it is posible to track the position of every object and person in an area.

The use cases are widely spread:
One might use the sensors for gesture control, to interact with the PC or all smart-devices in a room or system. This way it is also possible to control whole smart home systems.
In stores or other buildings, the system may anonymously track people in a room for costumer statistics or supervising the area without causing privacy problems.

Also, nearly every autonomously moving system can be equipped with the ultrasonic sensors.
In this way, cars, drones and other autonomous systems might soon be able to perceive their whole environment without needing other helper systems, depending on camera pictures or even being supervised by humans.

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